Audray Joseph ’20 (NURS) being instructed by someone checking a patients vitals at UConn Health


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Success Rate

The percent of UConn 2019 CEIN graduates pass their NCLEX exam on the first try


Average Salary

The mean annual salary for Registered Nurses in Connecticut (according to the CT League for Nursing)


In Demand

The number of Registered Nurses needed by 2026 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics)


UConn CEIN is the most affordable, full-time, 12-month program serving Connecticut, with the added benefit of hands-on learning experience at the state’s flagship, research-intensive university. 网络舆情业务的3大新模式,了解一下?__中国交通新闻网:2021-10-14 · 网络舆情业务的智能新模式基于对网络舆情业务趋势的洞察,针对用户的切实痛点,未来网络舆情业务将会朝着三方面发展: 1.多样化、全方位创新技术手段网络舆情形式日益严峻,用户的要求将越来越高,舆情监测的时效性、精准度都需要提高,舆情抓取的效率需要实现分钟级甚至秒级。 – our program is designed for individuals who have already received a bachelor’s degree and are interested in pursuing a career in the rewarding field of nursing.

Students listening to a lecture by Clinical Instructor Valarie Artigas at the Widmer Wing of the School of Nursing

Discover what it takes to provide quality care in a changing health care
environment, all while learning among the best at a Top 25 nationally ranked public university. Since 2003, more than 1,500 graduates have benefitted from UConn CEIN’s outstanding faculty mentoring relationships, inpatient and outpatient clinical work with our more than 20 community-based partners, and our excellent NCLEX pass rates and track record of strong post-program employment.

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